New Scratchers, new chances to winticket fan

Do you like finding new ways to win? On the first Tuesday of every month, the Virginia Lottery releases new Scratchers.

Experience a new adventure every time you buy one of our new scratch-off games. All of our tickets have engaging playstyles that will keep you on your toes.

What are the new Scratcher games?

We are always coming up with fresh ways for you to compete. If Scratchers are your game of choice, we offer a diverse selection with price points ranging from $1 to $30.

You can find the latest Scratchers at your local Lottery retailer.

  • $2 Triple Play – Triple Play delivers triple the fun! Each ticket features three ways to play and three ways to win. You could win up to $30,000!
  • $3 Cherries Jubilee Crossword 3X – This sweet crossword Scratcher is fresh fun. If a win includes a complete word that has a cherry, the prize is tripled! You could win up to $50,000!
  • $5 Joker’s Wild – This game offers a new full-color scratching experience! Each ticket gives you 15 chances to win and is full of playing-card fun. You could win up to $100,000!
  • $20$100,000,000 Explosion – The entire game has over $100 million in total prizes and is loaded exclusively with $100, $200, $300 and $600 prizes. Every prize is cashable at retail! 

How can you buy new Scratchers from the Virginia Lottery?

All the latest Scratchers are available at Lottery retailers located across Virginia. Find one located near you with our Find a Retailer tool.

Looking for even more ways to play Lottery games? Set up a MyGameRoom account to start an online subscription.

Save non-winning Scratchers for eXTRA Chances

Even if your Scratcher isn't a winner, some of the games offer a second chance to win! Enter your non-winning ticket with the eXTRA Chances logo on the front in our weekly eXTRA Chances drawing, which features different prizes each month. You can mail your ticket to us or enter it online. You can also enter through the Lottery's mobile app.

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The Lottery supports K-12 public education in Virginia

Every Virginia Lottery game benefits public education for children across the commonwealth. When you play Lottery games, you contribute to the hundreds of millions of dollars the Lottery turns over to K-12 public education in Virginia each year.

Enjoy the Lottery's latest Scratchers and other Lottery games

Whether you grab a draw-game ticket on an after-work soda run or your golf foursome gets Scratchers every week as a tradition, you can enjoy the newest games from the Lottery anytime.